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Message: Verification of karmic conditions, unlocking universal information. Sun Focus: You notice what others see and value, and you share this informa- tion through various media. Affirmation: I value recorded information, and the energy contained within it. A significant alchemical element associated with the operation of dissolution, tin promotes situational awareness.


Message: Contribute provisions; sustenance for everyone. Sun Focus: A practical person, you provide resources to help others survive physically and spiritually. Affirmation: I freely provide nourishment for the mind, body and soul. Bronzite interacts with group energy, bolstering group dynamics while confidently sup- porting individual needs.

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Message: Physical declarations trigger reform in human activity. Sun Focus: You live life with passion and vigour, remaining young at heart, and with idealistic values that do change the world. Affirmation: I am a powerful individual.

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I support revolutionary action for organisations. Metaphysically, Apophyllite clearly connects physical forms to spiritual realms. Message: Attune your body through movement, rhythm and music. Sun Focus: You are a sociable person, welcoming time spent in the company of like-minded people. Affirmation: I support my friendships with cheerful merriment and companionship. Spiritually, Green Quartz promotes physical growth and enhances prayers and personal affirmations. Message: A secluded haven promoting comfort, safety, and protection.

Sun Focus: You take care of your friends, acting as a sanctuary for those around you. Affirmation: I support transformation and growth in my world. A modern crystal, Siberian Quartz puts zing into life; it also promotes open-mindedness and mental clarity. Message: Encouraging happiness and balance, joyful experiences. Sun Focus: You are a fun, freedom loving, outdoor adventurer; enjoyable experiences are important to you. Affirmation: I choose a lifetime of liberating vitality and healthy activity.

Spiritually, this crystal element reveals the prerequisites and boundaries needed in a given situation.

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Message: Stability and direction, combined with agility and radiance. Sun Focus: You are an agreeable person; be confident you have what you need to realise your full potential.

Affirmation: I choose to reach out and beautify my surroundings. Snow Quartz channels freedom, tranquillity and renewal; it offers a pure energy.

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Message: Momentary recognition of fresh, clear, brilliant majesty. Sun Focus: You are a distinguished person who shares attention and praise with others. Affirmation: I value pristine, natural beauty; it overtakes conscious thought. Crystal Element: Smithsonite Expression: A zinc carbonate, Smithsonite can be found in a variety of colours.

Smithsonite attracts positive opportunities and friends, and supports positive karmic patterns. Message: Alternative lifestyles, individuality, curious use of talents. Sun Focus: You may appear as a rebel with a cause. Your investment of time and effort in helping others reflects favourably on you. Affirmation: By changing perspective, I look forward to future endeavours. Nickel promotes a sustained ability to empathize with others, particularly those who need help. Message: Rescue from traumatic emotions immediately opens new opportunities.

Sun Focus: Freedom and liberation are important personal themes; you provide others the comfort and support they need. Affirmation: With action and providence, I surrender fear and guilt.

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Hessonite promotes vitality, self confidence and independence; also acts as a receptor for Divine messages. Message: Uncover creative potential; live with delightful happiness. Sun Focus: A natural trendsetter, people emulate you, and sing your praises in the process. Affirmation: I love new, creative endeavours and the emerging enjoyment they offer. Spiritually, Larimar has strong Neptune energy; it helps cast off unnecessary emotional layers. Message: Tranquil enchantment within all environments.


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Sun Focus: You have all the virtues a good friend needs, and you set a good example for others to see. Affirmation: My beauty is without vanity; it reveals spiritual exquisiteness.

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Spiritually a guarding stone, it signals loyalty and trust. Message: Sending clear signs, creating swift and reliable communication. Sun Focus: You are flexible and confident, inspiring people to redirect and refo- cus their life course.

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Affirmation: I reveal my beliefs, abilities and talents with style. Muscovite illuminates future plans and personal goals. Message: Focusing on the horizon; powerful meditation, thought and healing. Sun Focus: You have a powerful presence, with a unique perspective on individ- ual potential and personal history. Affirmation: Through meditation and introspection I have reached great heights.

Variscite promotes courage, understanding and determination in difficult situations. Message: Preparedness to explore difficult realms. Affirmation: I am invincible; I surmount or circumvent all obstacles before me. Message: Question the value of exaggerated efforts. Sun Focus: Exceptional negotiation skills lead to interesting encounters; impressions and reactions are important to understand.

Affirmation: I reason through evidence and patience. Grossular Garnet promotes healing and physical wellbeing; use it to avert accidents. Message: Recognise information, advertising and warning signs. Sun Focus: You understand the way motion and energy impact our world, and you share this understanding with those you meet. Affirmation: I understand my decisions have consequence. Spiritually, Ruby in Zoisite provides contentment, enchant- ment and delight. Message: Facilitating advancement through care and attention.

Sun Focus: You offer those you love considerate and attentive care; you are a sanctuary in this world for others to shelter within. Affirmation: I will entertain with comfort and generosity. Nebula Stone enhances an active imagination and supports. Message: Access to unseen astral realms, fairy energy. Sun Focus: Spending time with like-minded people enhances your enjoyment in life and stimulates magical outcomes. Affirmation: Joy, happiness and a little frivolity make my life light. Pumice is a neutral stone best utilised when you want to avoid emotional conflicts. Message: Visible display of uniform beliefs; a sense of belonging.

Sun Focus: You walk the path of least resistance, promoting acceptance and compassion. Affirmation: I call for abundant energy and style in my life. Snowflake Obsidian enriches psychic abilities, positive outcomes and confi- dence. Message: Bringing matters to the surface with gentleness and compassion. Sun Focus: You reach out to others, realising that confidence, happiness and calmness play an essential role in life.

Affirmation: I maintain equilibrium through growth and change. Diamonds cement relationships, represent balance and abundance, and amplify natural talents.

pisces king uncut astrology Pisces king uncut astrology
pisces king uncut astrology Pisces king uncut astrology
pisces king uncut astrology Pisces king uncut astrology
pisces king uncut astrology Pisces king uncut astrology
pisces king uncut astrology Pisces king uncut astrology
pisces king uncut astrology Pisces king uncut astrology
pisces king uncut astrology Pisces king uncut astrology
pisces king uncut astrology Pisces king uncut astrology
Pisces king uncut astrology

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