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What gets you excited, in a sexual way and not.

Heavy Metal Astrology: The Draconic Moon

Jupiter: How you soul expands; learn and explore. Good luck, pleasure and natural abilities. How your soul connects philosophy and spirituality, usually as a means of rationalizing. Saturn: How and what structures your soul.

Flying, Deep In The Night

What hurts your soul and how you need to grow stronger. Karma from past lives. Uranus: What truly causes change often by braking away from karmic patterns. The oddities and discoveries of your inner self that are nerve-shattering.

Astrology: The Draconic Chart (Part 6)

Neptune: The parts of your soul that dissolves and end up in the void of unconditional love and creativity or delusional pain and emptiness. How you can let go of the real world and blindly cherish your real self and everything else. Pluto: How your soul transforms during longer periods of time lifetimes, after deaths, before births, etc. The darkest and most taboo parts of you.

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So if we think about the Cancer Moon of the Draconic chart we get a much greater measure of my sensitivity and emotionality and some of my insecurities and sometimes defensiveness too! Now my Natal Asc is in Libra. This makes sense, softy spoken, good listener, fair minded, democratic outlook. But the Pisces Asc in Draconic chart makes so much sense.

Always loved to live near water. Crave to live near the sea okay the Draco Cancer Moon in the 4th will help that too and currently live yards from the River Severn. Pisces Ascendant in the 2nd Decanate ruled by Moon and so a great deal of sensitivity and with T. Neptune right on top of my Draco Asc just now, I can see how greater emotionality and attunement to others are being welcomed into my world. Any astrologer looking at my Natal Chart would immediately see the strong element of Air, and also the 4th House, a very Cancerian influence.

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But the Draconic Analysis really does see a lot more Water to the fore, and this is what I brought into this life. The Aquarius energy in my Natal Horoscope is my challenge to assert my more unique individuality, and in some ways escape the sensitivity that I have seen at times as being as much of a liability, as an asset. Of course, there is far more to both charts that go beyond the Sun, Moon and Asc so this is just a flavour but learning about my Draconic Moon and Venus in Cancer, Sun in Gemini and Pisces Asc were real turning points in my own life and personal development.

On Wednesday 8th October at 6. So a tense T On Friday 4th October at 5. This is the opposite location of Aries, which Mars rules, so is known to be in Now, however, it is experiencing something of a resurgence. It has been speculated that the life readings given by the seer Edgar Cayce were based on the draconic charts of the people concerned. Another way of stating this is that the draconic first point of Aries is the tropical north node. Using the true node for this purpose seems to work best, but some astrologers advocate the mean node.

Most astrological computer programmes have the ability to generate draconic charts. The basic meaning of the draconic planets, signs and houses is the same as in the tropical level though their interpretation is simplified, as this is a chart that seems to operate at a soul level. It can be helpful to keep it in mind that at this plane of being the signs do not represent psychological characteristics or personality traits, but they correspond to deeply held values and belief patterns inherent in the soul.

They are the inner maxims and higher ethics that give the individual purpose, meaning and clarity of conviction. Being concerned with inner impulses, draconic placements indicate soul qualities and purpose and suggest the ideal the soul is striving to attain, as well as potential areas of growth and fulfilment for the present incarnation. The draconic chart is generated from the position of the north node, an indicator of the way forward. As this point becomes the Aries point—a point of taking action—it suggests that in order to live this chart to its greatest potential, the highest qualities of the signs need to be deliberately cultivated.

The New Astrology Chapters

Often it is these higher principles that are expressed, or at least aspired to. However, the less helpful qualities sometimes tend to come through until the soul gains wisdom and knowledge and develops spiritual maturity. The challenge for each individual is to live up to the ideals held dear at a soul level.

maisonducalvet.com/map219.php Keeping the above in mind, the following descriptions connected to the draconic signs are by no means a definitive list, but are meant to spark your imagination. It might be helpful to expand on them and then note down some of your own ideas. The principles outlined relate to each planet and angle though they can best be applied to the draconic Sun, Moon and ascendant. Also keep it in mind that when, for example, Mercury is being studied, they concern the thinking and mental processes, and so on.

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