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The astrological influences of the constellation Piscis Austrinus

In addition to putting it in its own constellation, the second-century Greek astronomer Ptolemy inserted it in his Udrochoos , and Flamsteed followed him in making it his 24 of Piscis Australis and 79 of Aquarius, calling it Aquae Ultima Fomalhaut.

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The Alfonsine Tables of locate it in Aquarius as Fomahant and of the 1st magnitude, but they describe it in Piscis Meridionalis as in ore , omitting its title and calling it a 4th-magnitude. The Astronomica Danica of Longomontanus includes it in Aquarius as ultima in effusione Fomahant , giving no Piscis at all; the 16th century Danish astronomer Tycho's Rudolphine Tables , in Kepler's edition of , have the same, and Hevelius also puts it there as Fomahandt.

Burritt's Geography of has the present form Fomalhaut, but his Planisphere , Fomalhani. It generally, but wrongly, is pronounced Fomalo , as though from the French.

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Flammarion says that it was Hastorang in Persia B. To the uninstructed observer it seems a full 1st-magnitude, perhaps from the absence of near-by stars. It culminates on the 25th of October. As one of the so-called lunar stars it is of importance in navigation, and appears in the Ephemerides of all modern sea-going nations.

It was Hastorang in Persia B. Allen's explanation of these four stars on p. At one time they marked the two Equinoxes and two Solstices.

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Regulus was long considered the supreme of the Four Guardians but the role of Fomalhaut - Gabriel, in the birth of Jesus - must now be said to challenge or actually supplant, with a new stage in human spiritual evolution, the supremacy of the more 'medical' Archangel of the Leonine era. Legend: This constellation is said to commemorate the transformation of Venus into the shape of a fish on one occasion when bathing. Ptolemy gives no separate influence and describes Fomalhaut, but according to Bayer the constellation is of the nature of Saturn.

astroPPM: The Royal Stars of Persia (Part Four): Fomalhaut

It is said to have an influence similar to Pisces, but in addition to augment the fortunes. No peril is left for man to brave, profit is sought by means of shipwreck, and the diver who has plunged into the depths becomes, like the booty, the object of recovery. And not always small is the gain to be derived from this dangerous labor implying that a diver's life was usually an unenviable one pearls are worth fortunes, and because of these splendid stones there is scarcely a rich man left.

Fomalhaut, The loneliest star, And more - Ep 7

Dwellers on land are burdened with the treasures of the sea. A man born to such a lot plies his skill along the shore; or he purchases at a fixed wage another's labor and sells for a profit what it has brought him, a pedlar in the many different forms of sea products". Notes: A reddish star in the mouth of the Southern Fish. From Fum al Hut , "the Fish's Mouth. It is said to be very fortunate and powerful and yet to cause malevolence of sublime scope and character, and change from a material to a spiritual form of expression.

Cardan stated that together with the stars rising with 12 Gemini it gives an immortal name.

The history of the star: Fomalhaut

It has a Mercury-Venus character with a blending of Neptune influence. According to tradition, this star is of quite variable effect, either very good or very bad, depending on the overall cosmic structure. Because Regulus was the most influential of the Royal Stars, events that took place while Regulus was in dominance were amplified and grave, foreshadowing destruction.

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April Popular Astronomy. Bibcode : PA Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Bibcode : PASP Archived from the original on 7 April Retrieved 30 March The Fated Sky.

Celebrities With Royal Star Fomalhaut Conjunct Ascendant

The Science News-Letter. T History of the Persian Empire. Chicago: Phoenix Books.

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