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So if you were born during the New Moon, it lists every moon from Aries through Pisces and what such a person is like who for example was born with a natal moon in Capricorn during the New Moon Phase. Which means that each person can only find useful one description out of the 96 possibilities. Even my personal descri Disappointing in terms of what i was hoping this book was.

Even my personal description I found vaguely descriptive and not like Sue Tompkins book with descriptions that are amazingly accurate. Like all books there are some nuggets of wisdom that are worthwhile, but I probably would not have bought this book had i been able to flip through it in a real bookstore.

Audrey rated it really liked it Oct 14, Todd Webster rated it it was amazing Dec 19, Brett Hillman rated it really liked it Aug 17, Carol rated it it was amazing Sep 10, Jason Liberg rated it really liked it May 02, Ani rated it liked it Nov 14, Jaime Clarke rated it it was amazing Apr 04, Maggie rated it really liked it Mar 22, Brittney rated it it was amazing Apr 12, Kannon McAfee rated it it was ok Jan 03, Jessica rated it liked it Sep 13, Kaluza rated it it was amazing May 05, Nightshade Purplebroom rated it liked it Feb 27, Camille C rated it it was ok Feb 23, Denise rated it it was ok Oct 26, Renee Starr rated it it was amazing Jun 01, Michal rated it did not like it Apr 19, Christian Artistry rated it really liked it Jul 22, Ela rated it it was ok Mar 31, Harrie rated it it was amazing Jun 28, Yoed Cameron rated it it was ok Oct 02, Ana G rated it it was amazing Jul 12, Neila Carlyle rated it really liked it Sep 02, So you are here because you are searching for the wisdom to understand yourself and make good choices.

Or you are at a crossroad in your life. Need Guidance?

Design Your Destiny With Astrology and Kabbalah

Experience Personal Clarity. Add value to life. Experience a life full of meaning. Event Timing When to Invest, and who to invest with. Children, Weddings, Buisiness. Relationships Powerful insights about your personal relationships. Marriage and Children. Ask the important questions.

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Karmic Lifepath Understand where you have been and what are your debts. Harmonize with wisdom. Career and Economy What areas of your life you are more likely to make money and achieve success. What is your perfect service? Personal Development Understand your path to advancement in this life by embracing your Sacred Rights. Make better Choices.

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The way he guides you through your challenges is totally unique and actually breaking the stereoptypes of an astrologer in our DNage. The way he shares and explains vedic wisdom opens very new perspective on your life and gives you enourmous clearance on your present and future choices. Prepare to get the best guidance in your lifetime!

Disappointed and crushed at first, this woman nonetheless worked with the Kabbalistic meditations and exercises prescribed in this book and she soon received a stunning insight. She would expand her idea of having children.

Vedic Astrology

That affirmative act transformed her life with the many blessings this child brought to her home, her marriage and her disposition. And it also seemed to transform her astrological lot. Five years later—to the amazement of her doctor, if not her astrologer—she got pregnant and had a child. A few years after that, she gave birth to her third child. Wedded to a magical tradition of hands-on spiritual virility like Kabbalah, Astrology becomes far richer. Mercury transforms from a devilish nuisance for travel and computer snafus when it turns retrograde to a beloved messenger to the divine that brings us—when we pay attention—marvelous synchronicities and inspirations that literally can change our lives.

After years of teaching both Kabbalah and Astrology and interpreting dozens of astrological charts each week in private consultations, Gahl Sasson has discovered indisputably that Kabbalah fused with Astrology can empower our lives in a way that traditional astrology cannot. Cosmic Navigator is the first book that brings the limitless potentiality of this hybrid to the general public.

The cosmic navigator pursues this journey by focusing not just on his or her own sun and rising sign, but by personifying and thus becoming every sign in the zodiac. Each of us—whether we identify ourselves as a Sagittarius, Cancer or Capricorn—have all of the signs somewhere within our astrological chart. This book teaches us to recognize the wondrous complexity of our astrological constitution and provides the methodology for activating all the hidden powers of our potential.

Cosmic Navigator | Cosmic Navigator

The reader does that by dedicating one week to each of the twelve signs. The book asks the readers to incarnate as each sign for one week. Like a method actor who thoroughly immerses himself into the character of a Mafia boss or the Queen of England, the reader will place himself into an Aires-state of mind, for example, a person of action, decisiveness and adventure.

The following week, the reader moves forward to Taurus and become an unapologetic sensualist fascinated by food, art, money and their own particular talents.

Destiny: Books of Sorrow (1 - 20) (Audio Recording)

Each chapter includes a list of traits and symbols associated with that particular sign and the reader will use these characteristics to invoke and then magnify the power of that particular archetype everywhere he or she goes. For twelve weeks, each cosmic navigator will embark on a revitalizing spiritual training regimen, tapping the latent potential of each archetype that lies within each one of us. The chapter on Libra, on the other hand, tones the spiritual muscle that attracts the best romantic partner and other types of personal relationships.

Scorpio will stimulate intimacy, sexuality and transformation, while Capricorn will help attain career success.

destiny horoscope book Destiny horoscope book
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destiny horoscope book Destiny horoscope book
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