February 19 moon horoscope

CANCER You so often keep your thoughts and your feelings close to your heart, Cancer, but you do have a very special vision for the world.

By doing some reflection, you may have a breakthrough in ways that can help you better communicate your desires. Your mind is sharp, so contemplate how you can turn those ideas into a reality. LEO You love to draw the abundance of the world to your feet, mighty lion, and you will be noticing how you can truly build the kingdom you want. However, assessing what you already have and how you can add to it will be in the limelight now.

Consider ways to build your harvest to whole new levels through creative thinking, applying yourself, and standing up for your worth.

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VIRGO You love to invest your time, energy, and focus into other people and acts of service are paramount for you as an Earth sign. But, Virgo, what sits at the core of your spirit and what do you want more than anything?

LIBRA When it comes to making decisions, you can sometimes be a tad bit indecisive, but taking time to truly reflect at this time is going to actually bring you better results in the next coming months. Journaling your heart out may open up a whole new vision. This Full Moon is going to draw attention to the role you play in your relationships, but also in the greater groups around you, at large.

Contemplate these long-term goals and how you can fulfill them by seeing life not as just a road forward, but a map that goes in every direction. With so much ability to snap your fingers and climb the ladder to higher levels, take a moment to evaluate what imprint you truly want to leave on the world.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Perhaps start first by giving yourself the honesty you need. Fear is for those who do not live the greatest journeys on Earth, so trust me when I say that your story was meant to be epic. You have a tendency to compartmentalize emotions, but this could be a time when you truly need to invest in some self-reflection and open up to your inner feels.

By looking at your most important connections, do they lift your life, and in return, do you bring growth to theirs? You have a devotion and loyalty within you that few other zodiac signs can match, but if you are not growing together on your path, you may need to assess if the strain is worth the effort. PISCES This is a tremendously powerful time when it comes to important relationships that are mirrors to you in your life, magical Pisces. You have a truly pure heart that can sometimes reflect what other people want to see, but does that mean that you are living totally authentically?

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All relationships take work and commitments should be made so that both parties are being made stronger. Look deep inside of yourself and contemplate your love language and communication styles and how you can be the purest version of you.

Rising Sign:

Kyle Thomas is a writer, producer, and lyricist living in Los Angeles. Having eyes in the back of your head will also help. Awakening to this bigger picture and our unique place in the universe can replace any small mindedness. This Supermoon spotlights collective undercurrents as well as personal welfare and happiness — especially at work. Pisces can be easily lost in artistic creativity or by hypnotised manipulation and tends to spill-out, leaving the environmentally aware and pragmatic Virgo to mop-up the mess. In any event, if it all gets too much then this Full SuperMoon will provide the opportunity to fill your life with meaningful activity, be of service and dedicate karmic merit to the benefit of others.

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Emotions run deep during eclipses; everything could seem extra buzzy. The sensitive water element features strongly in this first Full Moon of , which is also a numerological magical portal. This Full Moon is also the largest of two Super Moons in a row, and a double whammy Moon-ruled, watery Cancer Moon, when intuition, impressions and perceptions could also be magnified, Read more.

When faced with obstacles and difficulties that appear immovable and insurmountable, especially in the arenas of information and long and short distance travel, truth and wisdom, it sometimes feels like time stands still and all we can do is hold our breath, count to ten, then breathe deeply and mindfully, all the while witnessing a world spellbound by distraction and karma. Indeed, the Lord of Karma, Saturn, is asserting mega astral attention as this year draws to close — and is a major player in the last Full Moon horoscope of Unauthorized use of Full Article copy or duplication of any material on this website without express and written permission from its author and owner is strictly prohibited.

February 19 moon horoscope
February 19 moon horoscope
February 19 moon horoscope
February 19 moon horoscope
February 19 moon horoscope

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