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Cap's do have a hard time resting and enjoying the moment.

Capricorn Woman

Some never stop to enjoy the fruits of their labor before they are off laboring for something else. It breaks my heart to realize that by the time Cap's learn they need to love and respect themselves and not try so hard to get that from other's , they have burned many bridges. They can spend years chasing success sacrificing relationships with kids, family and friends and realize too late that what they sacrificed was more valuable than the material things they gained.

Thank you for leaving such a valuable comment on this page. You have a lot of wisdom which I'm sure helped people who wants to understand how to love and understand, Capricorn women. Unfortunately, some men are intimidated by strong, ambitious women and this is why a Cap, must be mindful of choosing men who are accomplished in their own right and respect the hustle of an ambitious woman.

Also, word from the wise. Capricorn women must use their strength to be team-players and not compete with their man.

Capricorn woman

Save the competition for the boardroom not the bedroom. Cap's are known to be social climbers but once you get there it can be lonely at the top if, you are there by yourself. As a Cancer stellium with Mars in Cap in the 12th.. It takes so long for some to earn their own respect.. Begin by having a job. Don't date a Cap woman if you don't have a job and are intimidated by ambitious women.

Be financially solvent and accountable for yourself. Cap women deserve someone who can hold their own in a relationship. It's always a pleasure to be validated by a fellow Cap. It simply adds more credibility to anyone, trying to love and understand the Capricorn woman. I am glad that you enjoyed this article. And, hopefully, I have enlightened people to how wonderful cappies are. After-all understanding is everything! This is so on point! Yes, Capricorn women are very friendly.

They usually get along with everyone. They are however, very intuitive. So, they may get along with most people but, everyone will not be considered their friend. Thank you Hayden for reading. It's good to know that not all Cap's are not hungry for that mighty dollar. I agree mostly, I'm a capricorn however I'm not overambitious or arrogant.

But everything else is up to date for me. I believe most of them are true. Cappies find it hard to stay in love. They're very driven but they don't pause that often. Well done. Tracey, you went through a bad relationship and came out better and not bitter that in itself speaks a lot about your character. Leading with your heart instead of your head is something that happens whether we want it to or not.

After all, the heart wants what it wants. I will suggest that if you find yourself in that situation, you do not ignore the warning signs and red flags. Intuition or discernment if you will is designed to help us walk safely. I'm a cappie and 3 years ago I was swept away by "sweet words and outer appearances" - a handsome Pisces! It felt rushed but I let my heart choose and I went "all in". Today, I am picking up the pieces - in cappie terms, it was acutely damaging financially as well as emotionally and I am starting over.

I learned so much tho about myself - if it weren't for certain financial aspects, I'd say I don't regret a thing. I feel very strongly that what I didn't know before is that my heart knows exactly what makes me happy, and that my mind and my planning and my ideas about happiness are just theories in the end.

Letting my heart love bravely was the only way I discovered what makes me happy. Thank you for a spot on assessment. I do encourage any cappie tho - anyone really - to let your heart make some choices over your head. My heart-felt experience was my best teacher and I found my heart to be the bravest thing about me.

Capricorn Woman

Mike Saying Capricorn women can be selfish and shows no humility seems to be your personal bad experience and not a true trait of the Capricorn woman. I'm sure some are selfish as with any sign but that could add up to many factors. I for one am not selfish. Thanks for commenting. The noted traits are very subjective as they are not inline with reality showing traits of selfishness with no humility.

Dave, Capricorn women who have been hurt in previous relationships can come off as "cold" More than likely shes guarding her heart until she can figure you out. If you are sincere in your interest to get to know her, the Ice Queen will melt like ice cream on a hot summer day. Hi, I've read all the above and I'm in the same boat. I've talked to this girl alot before meeting on phone calls and text and I feel shes opened up quite abit.

We also laugh alot. I really really like this girl even though its early days, but she seems cold and has agree to over dates but it's more in a. Thank you manatita44 for reading and commenting. It is always a blessing to hear from you. So much of complexity in life! Good you write about this sign and its intricacies. Good to know! Have a great day.

The CAPRICORN FEMALE by Joan Zodianz

Rosanna Dana, I agree with you one hundred percent. Cap's are very practical. Most are not led away by foolish desires but are realistic in understanding you have to work hard for what you want, and unless you come from wealth, depend on yourself. Cap's are cautious with money because it gives them the peace of mind that they need. I also have that little girl in me that wishes her prince charming will come and make all her dreams come true.

Am I counting on it?

Still I dream. Rosanna Dana, thank you for contributing to this article. Your insight is more than appreciated. Enjoyed overall. Am cap female, but I'd like to maybe offer possible insight into why a cap might seem overly concerned with finance due to greed. From my experience, it's more due to the feeling and understanding in most realistic way that we may not win the lottery or be swept away by someone that wants to make our dreams come true.

We try to find a practical way to have security and build resources to enjoy life. Also, though, a little part of me still wishes and keeps the magical hope that maybe a little of the unreal could happen just for the little kid in us. Nothing takes the place of true, genuine love. Winter, thank you for reading and leaving that comment.

It helps to know I was right on track. Or, as close as I could get.

Capricorn Compatibility: The Goat in Relationships

A Capricorn is always concerned about finances. However, nothing can take the place of true, genuine love. Capricorn love men with ambition and drive.

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