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Selling Astro-Vision's Astrology software will generate revenue because you purchase our products and services at a discounted rate, and sell them at retail.

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The difference is your profit. We provide you with free merchandising material, and support on our products and services. Astro-Vision is a name easily recognized and held in great esteem in the world of astrology services. Astro-Vision is open to your suggestions and queries.

Just fill in the given fields if you have anything to speak or enquire with us. Vedic Astrology, for today and tomorrow. The digital avatars of Vedic Science yielding accurate calculations and meeting contemporary demands make us the trusted brand in astrology services.

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Team Astro-Vision is a unique combination of astrology and IT faculties operating in harmony. We have been the flag bearers, since our inception, in promoting Vedic astrology knowledge coupled with the latest IT developments. Having pioneered the development of astrology software in India, today we mentor the people around the globe. We steadily evolve with technology and develop innovative solutions to meet the varying requirements of customers.

Our broad array of services helps individuals, families and businesses, in numerous aspects. The astrology portal www. Also our software products see www. Astro-Vision has strategic tie-ups with leading brands; many leading mobile subscribers, telecom operators and popular websites in India are powered by our web based astrology solutions.

Astrology Portal The one stop site for detailed horoscope and astrology solutions generates free reports concerning family, relations, health, wealth, education, career etc. Astrology Products Our astrology softwares suiting the various requirements of individuals, astrologers, astrology students and business centers are exemplar in precision and are available at affordable rates.

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Ideas for life, Ideas at work. Abide by the law of the land and be fair to the field of science that we follow Value customer satisfaction by providing positive and trusted solutions and by not using fear to attract consumers Future-proof our solutions by being early adopters of technological advancements Take care and be fair to employees, vendors, and stakeholders along with profitable and sustainable growth. It serves people with a variety of astrology reports which help them know the effects of cosmic forces on various fields of their lives.

Positively guide and inspire a billion people to lead a better life. Help people across the world enhance their inner strength by providing accessible, affordable and positive guidance based on authentic works in astrology and related fields. Achieve international benchmarks in terms of quality, technology, efficiency, and communication.

The management faculty of organization houses people with global exposure experienced in executing intricate projects. They always maintain a friendly and spirited ambience, letting members stay motivated and excel with their skills. From passion to perfection.. The passion to explore the vast stream of Vedic Astrology and to deliver its essence for the goodness of people makes us evolve with the fast changing world.

How we evolved.

Astro-Vision Futuretech Pvt. Ltd had its humble beginning in as a small partnership firm in Cochin, India. We adopt the latest developments in IT, to provide a range of solutions relevant to people of all ages and professions. Also, we follow our hearts in the service we provide, giving hope and remedies to the users and helping them tackle the negativities. Ltd has gone past the 3 decades, which saw drastic changes in technology, culture and lifestyles, and is still adapting to maintain the coveted status in the field of digital astrology services.

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Know more. Inspired minds, on the move. The strategically sound management guides the members to reach their goals, and maintains an environment for their free expression and maximum output. Who we are. Astro-Vision is an organization with a global vision.

It is a team moulded in elite work culture with visionary people to lead from the front. They have been ushering the organization since its inception and their strategic moves have raised the status, positioning the brand as a trusted companion of millions. The successful journey of Astro-Vision is always powered by the guidance and motivation of these people at the helm. Director Binod Hariharan Mr. Binod is primarily responsible for providing long term vision for the growth of the company including strategic planning and evolving marketing policies.

Over the last 15 years, he has been heading the marketing operations, leading the firm in changing market trends and help it attain the status of global brand. He is an engineering graduate with over 21 years of experience in IT based marketing solutions. Arjun has hands on in Digital Marketing and Product Management. His professional stint started with Accel ICIM Systems, and later he went on to be a part of Satyam Computers and Kanbay Arjun also possesses 7 years of executive leadership experience in the software products and services industry.

With LifeSign Mini, you can also check your compatibility with your likely partner based on your horoscope and get web-based reports on how compatible you both are. The number of Yogas, with one yoga in detail, your Dasha periods and whether you require remedies for your star or current dasha are among the many add-ons that are available Astro-Vision is the pioneer in astrology software development and has a strong presence in the field of astrology for over 29 years LifeSign Mini, based on ancient Vedic wisdom is the result of Astro-Vision's sheer dedication and commitment to bringing the most authentic astrology software to you absolutely free of cost.

More than two million users from across countries have downloaded and used LifeSign Mini and over 20 million horoscopes have been generated. To find out more about yourself, download LifeSign Mini now at www.

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astro vision lifesign astrology software Astro vision lifesign astrology software
astro vision lifesign astrology software Astro vision lifesign astrology software
astro vision lifesign astrology software Astro vision lifesign astrology software
astro vision lifesign astrology software Astro vision lifesign astrology software
astro vision lifesign astrology software Astro vision lifesign astrology software
astro vision lifesign astrology software Astro vision lifesign astrology software

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