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Ramayamma Garu. It is surprising to know that Mrs. Peramma Garu went in for a nurses training programme in her tender age but later was stopped of any practice or observation of the services since she hails from a well-to-do family! She helped the joint family in Kotcherlakota Veedhi, opposite Mahalakshmi Temple of the cooking and other core-house problems. The house there had a well, with natural spring water underneath from the distant lands of the city and even to-date may be easily identified.

Rao, postmaster and one printing press. Rich people used horses to ride round the city of Visakhapatnam. An important aspect is that the British had a total control of the land they were only interested in Money, Ornaments of amazing value and Gold. Ramayamma Garu was a devotee of Gods and had a remarkable gift of telling certain things in advance of their actual happening. She used to recite Bhagavath Gita and other slokas off hand in a scintillating and attractive voice with poetic manner at morning around 4 A.

M and in spite she was not educated nor was taught any discipline. At that time of recitation of turmeric and Kumkum sacred red powder used to appear though no special attempt was made to place them.

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During that time if any one described their difficulties, she used to give Kumkum powder and used to say that now nothing to fear. No one knows from this Kumkum powder used to appear. Any questions asked she used to reply with events forehand to happen.

Once when Prof.

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The big brother went to Chatrapuram he died falling in between a bullock cart and a wall. When challenged she said what you can do for example the just born baby here now would die, can you prevent it now? She was also challenged for her remarkable capacity to predict the demise of people. She had a remarkable power of divine justice and knows it in advance.

She helped many women of their deliveries of children at Visakhapatnam. Their Veda is Yajurveda.

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Apasthamba Sutram. As per details the early evidence of this Brahmin Niyogi Vamsam generation dates back to B. The name Visakha, Vaishaki and the celestial star positions with these names implies a very good pre-history of these Niyogi Brahmins generations. Most of them are Poets, Philosophers, and Astrologers. Their Science and Technology studies are a gift of the Nature. Ramaleela and Dr. Lalitha from USA in s. Ramaswamy Venkata Kotcherlakota, Sr. NarasingaRao 2 Sr.

Venkata Kotcherlakota, PostMaster b. Simhadramma 6 Kotcherlakota b. RangadhamaRao f Kotcherlakota, Prof. I feel that Prof K. Rangadhama Rao was born in at Berhampur. Birth of Mrs.

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Peramma Kotcherlakota. Peramma was born in Vadddadi city a place later visited by my sister Dr. Lalitha Kumari crossing the lake, just by a walk across it, from Chodavaram. Near to the Vaddadi place is situated the famous temple of Shri Venkateswara for which their family members ancient were the Temple Priests and safe guarded it on the top of a hill in Upmaka at Nakkapalli.

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The view from the hill of a lake below was just in the fashion of an India map said my sisters from USA who visited it in year as a point of respect to my Mother. Lalitha Kumari spent much time with my Mother i. Peramma garu, at Visakhapatnam, visiting the cine movies after her M. Peramma Garu Early Life. She studied First and Second years in Godavari School. Born on 1 June she did join the St. May High School for Girls on 18 March in class three and studied up to the sixth form.

Then Head Master P.

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Murthy wrote. Again on 29 April G. She did S. She did well and gained the blessings of the teachers. Their house was a centre of Harikaddha Kalakshepam and on Festival days, for city bazzans. The richness and splendor and grandeur of Vaddadi family during those times were at its peak when about a quarter of Visakhapatnam city belonged to them.


The reason they shifted to Visakhapatnam was that there was no security at Choddavaram. It so happened in or so, that thieves have decamped with Gold and Silver Ornaments and house-ware during the absence of Shri Vaddadi Krishnamurthy and Subbhadramma due to a visit to Visakhapatnam. On that fateful day they were asked to be present at Visakhapatnam due to their parents.

Among the children Manikkyamma and Chittipilla Mrs. Peramma were the luckiest to have a few ornaments presented to them by their parents. But the gifts also have not survived Mrs. Surprisingly, the family differences of opinion and separation on agreements and promises took place at the demise of elderly joint family head Post Master and Printer K. Rao at the Kotcherlkotas old residence opposite the Mahalakshmi street. Post master K. Rao was a strict man and very careful about assets and property. As the head of the joint family he spared, no pain, to see that everyone had his share of wealth and professional occupancy.

Kotcherlakota Surya Rao brother of Prof K. Rao , Rajeswari and Kamala their daughter stayed in the old Kotcherlakota house. During Prof. Peramma Garu and her children in their house in Goda Vari Street. After return from England, Prof. Peramma Garu, as a security for a loan from one Gorti Bangarayya. Rao on his return from UK has sent away Mrs.

Ayyagari Venkata Ratnamma was a Bench Magistrate and was very helpful to many a people to solve pretty problems of labor class public in Visakhapatnam. She and her husband A. Lakshminarayana had only three daughters named as Kamala, Shyamala and Vimala. Shyamala died very early. Vimala a widower on being a post-graduate M. Lakshminarayana was a Deputy Inspector of Schools retired.

In the children Satyanarayana, Kamala, Venkappa, Kistappa and others enjoyed a cordial life at Narasimha Ashram. The reason why Satyanarayana with his family was allowed to stay in Narasimha Ashram was that for a year he has lost his eye sight.

Leela prasad astrologer hyderabad
Leela prasad astrologer hyderabad
Leela prasad astrologer hyderabad
Leela prasad astrologer hyderabad
Leela prasad astrologer hyderabad
Leela prasad astrologer hyderabad
Leela prasad astrologer hyderabad
Leela prasad astrologer hyderabad
Leela prasad astrologer hyderabad

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