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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Changes have been dynamic but exhausting. You need a break. You get it, but remain concerned about certain as-yet-unresolved plans. Focus on relaxing. This allows things to develop further and boosts your optimism.

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Then, after Tuesday's New Moon, the pace picks up. Ordinarily you'd battle to keep cherished plans going.

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But the foundation on which they're based is changing. This realisation triggers a much-needed rethink.

If in doubt, bear in mind that only once you've let certain aims go will the potential in others be recognised. Before you organise anything, you explore every option. Consequently, this week's surprise twists could make you wonder if you've misjudged situations or the people involved. Think about your mission statement and elevator pitch, and how you can make it spicy and true to yourself. You can learn new ideas and new things about yourself!

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Finding new ways to support yourself is a process. You have the self-discipline to make whatever ideas or innovation come to fruition. Virgo is the zodiac sign that overlooks your house of transformation and rebirth, and the new moon in Virgo on August 30 will help you get in touch with things that need to change. You can prune out things in your home, since all of these planets harmonize with Uranus, helping you repurpose things—get creative!

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The way that you conceive important relationships in your life is evolving. Virgo season is always about other people for you, Pisces, but this year will have a different flavor.

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  5. This is because Uranus, the planet of invention and rebellion, will be activated every Virgo season over the next few years. You can understand others and your approach to relationships in new and exciting ways. Maybe you were too focused on making other people happy or your martyr complex was becoming useless, and now you have found a new standard.

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    Your relationships can help you accomplish your dreams, but you have to come correct. Use the new moon in Virgo on August 30 to move forward to this next level in your relationships. Your daily routine will be changed up, and your role may expand to take on new responsibilities. The new moon in Virgo is a great time to start new habits or leave bad habits behind, to help you be happy, healthy, and productive. Your relationships with coworkers allow you to build an empire, especially as Venus, planet of love, harmonizes with structural Saturn on Sunday, September 1—a responsible attitude that carries you into next week.

    You deserve to share this electricity with your closest friends and lovers. The new moon in Virgo on August 30 helps you get in touch with what makes you happy and what brings you pleasure in a very real way. As your planetary ruler Venus harmonizes with taskmaster Saturn on Sunday, you can commit to your future.

    Shifts in your private, personal life are flowing forward. Virgo season is about taking care of your body, health, and home; getting yourself in shape in ways that can help you prepare for the unexpected.

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    There are things that nobody can plan for, but at least the planning gives you some confidence and a feeling of control over your personal life when things seem wily. Your planetary ruler Mercury moves into Virgo, helping you get in touch with your roots. Renew the lease you have with yourself, or just generally get your paperwork together! This sounds boring, but bureaucracy is simply a fact of life.

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